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Hello all *waves*

Hello everyone, well its cool to find a Yu Gi Oh online community, especially since its so new and I have no friends on it XD But yes, I must say I am truly impressed with how...polished and awesome the game looks. I use to just play Yu Gi Oh online using the YVD software, but it was so glitchy and it got too frustrating to handle. Not to mention for some reason or another it refuses to even connect with anyone. This game is 100000 times better, the only beef I have with it I guess would be them making you use cards from the Legend of the Blues, and Magic Ruler sets, instead of your own cards. (I had so many awesome cards I wanted to use as well!! >D) But I guess thats just to make it fair for everyone starting out. You know when it comes to using cards just from LOB or MR, I never thought it'd be so hard @.@ Anyways, I've been into the TCG for less than a year and I've been trying to assimilate the best deck with my current collection of cards (in real life). Well here's my attempt at making a deck, any comments, suggestions or constructive criticism are more than welcome. Thanks!!! (Sadly my online deck is no where near as versitile or strong XD)

Oh, and my online level so far is Level 5, and my username is makoeyes987

Anyone up for a duel one day can catch me in the level 3 room and stuff ^^ Hope to make some new friends and get some advice! ^__^

Deck Name: Yhaun's Deck Vr. 2.0

Monster Cards - 23
Spell Cards - 16
Trap Cards- 11

1. Dark Magician of Chaos
2. Dark Magician
3. Chaos Sorcerer
4. Great Maju Garzett
5. Summoned Skull
6. Spear Cretin
7. Royal Magical Library
8. Sangan
9. X-Head Cannon
10. Witch of the Black Forest
11. Freed the Brave Wanderer
12. Opticlops
13. Mystical Elf
14. La Jinn Genie of the Lamp
15. Mad Dog of Darkness
16. Mad Dog of Darkness
17. Roulette Barrel
18. Berserk Gorilla
19. Getsu Fuhma
20. Skilled White Magician
21. Hysteric Fairy
22. Dark Blade
23. Mask of Darkness

Spell Cards
1. Monster Reborn
2. Mystical Space Typhoon
3. Mystical Space Typhoon
4. Nobleman of Crossout
5. Nobleman of Crossout
6. Change of Heart
7. Delinquent Duo
8. Graceful Charity
9. Pot of Greed
10. Heavy Storm
11. Snatch Steal
12. Dedication Through Light and Darkness
13. My Body as a Shield
14. Premature Burial
15. Swords of Revealing Light
16. Soul Release

Trap Cards
1. Trap Jammer
2. Magic Cylinder
3. Ring of Destruction
4. Widespread Ruin
5. Magic Drain
6. Return from the Different Dimension
7. Waboku
8. Dust Tornado
9. Interdimensional Matter Transporter
10. Call of the Haunted
11. Ceasefire

Comments, suggestions and constructive criticism welcome!! ^^;;
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