dranthi (dranthi) wrote in yugioh_online,

I know the community's been quiet...

But some general info:
YGO!O is pay to play. Rather than monthly fees, it's got a system where you buy Duel Points, and then expend them for duels. Mean they can appeal to a wider range of players, and parents can have some degree of control to how much time thier children play the game.

Duel Points - Nessisary to duel, must be purchased, via the Duel Pass System.

Duel Pass - Obtainable through offline retailers, not sure who all's carrying them, or via the YGO!0 Website. From the wbsite it's $14.99 for 150 Duel points. Not that bad, works out to 5 games a day, or there abouts. Roughly $0.10 a duel. Not sure on the offline price. 1 free card per 30 points it looks like. Website cards seem to be randomly chosen.

And incidently, the word filter in game is one of the poorest I've ever seen.
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