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It's Time To Duel!

Yu-Gi-Oh! online players gather
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Welcome to the Yu-Gi-Oh! online community. This is a place for online duelists to meet and discuss the game. Want to vent about how your connection dropped at the end of an awesome duel? Want to ask questions about the gameplay? Want to discuss your favorite cards?
You're welcome to!

This community was created and is maintained by </a></b></a>quoting_mungo.
You are expected to behave with common courtesy towards your fellow duelists, and to keep posts on-topic. This also means no flaming, no community advertising, no auction/merchandise sale advertising, and no stereotypical fangirling. The moderator, and any co-moderators she may in the future appoint, have a strict no-nonsense attitude.
If you feel a post is violating the rules, or trolling, please do not comment on it. Instead, contact the moderator so she can deal with it.

Acceptable topics include, but aren't neccesarily limited to:
* Links to newsposts about the game
* Posts in any way relating to Yu-Gi-Oh! online
* Posts about offline Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG
* Posts about card-game related portions of other Yu-Gi-Oh! games

These topics are probably more suitable somewhere else:
* Fan art and fanfiction
* Discussions about what happened in such episode of the anime
* Discussions about how incredibly hot Pegasus is (or isn't) in the manga
* Anything directly relating to the anime/manga, since it's established that the card game is heavily simplified in them

Things that are considered bannable offenses:
* Community promotion
* Off-topic posts that can't even be considered grey area
* Trolling

If you're venting and using harsh language, please use the LJ-cut tag with appropriate warnings.

Welcome to the community!