Goddamned Resurrecting Bitch (quoting_mungo) wrote in yugioh_online,
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It still happens...

1) Wall of Illusion is officially one of my favorite cards. ^^ Kicked some butt with it today.

2) Why do people quit playing when they're losing? Very frustrating, that. Not my fault they keep making the same mistake over and over. Not very nice to make the game lock up on my end for it. I wonder what you (all two or so community members) think of the ethics of keeping a list of players who have been known to do this? I'm split on the issue. On one hand, it'd make it easier to avoid them, on the other, there may be a legitimate problem, that they can't do anything about, and then people would think badly of them for no reason.

I'm still frustrated about it, however.

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I see no issue with keeping a list, I either do that or put them on my ignore list.