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That's one game bug I figured out...

Now, I've been guilty of this, too, on occassion (namely, I got distracted and forgot I had a trap card set that'd require my attention), but please, please people... Don't just not click anything, when you're playing. It's horribly annoying, since it means I'll be stuck on the "You Won!" screen forever, until I shut down the game. And then I have to go through the hassle of logging in again. And it's annoying.

Because the game doesn't have a "back to lobby" button to click in that situation, and the evaluation screen won't come up when that happens (which means, I can't rate you as a poor player, darn!), so it effectively locks up.

Likewise... When your hand consists of a single card, and you've played that, there's no reason for your main phase to drag on for another minute. Yes, I'm impatient. I like being efficient. If my turn drags on, it's either because I have a messenger window open (okay, bad me... I never said I couldn't be hypocritical) or because I'm thinking about what to do. With one face-down monster in defense position, and nothing else to your person, how much thinking can there be to do?

Arrrrgh. Frustration.

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